Accurate Computer Repair Scottsdale Arizona 85257

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  •     Classroom Trained in Diagnostics, Upgrades, Repairs – Repairing and Coaching computer users since 1994
  •  In Home Repair or you bring your computer to my professional work bench computer repair ·

·          Old or New your computer needs optimizing to keep it running well.
·         Buying New or Used?(Don’t get caught making a bad buying decision, Let me help.)
laptop Computer repair scottsdale arizona
Windows 7 upgrade for $109
Special $59.95 for 3hrs
For first time customer@ $29.95/hr-$90.00 Value
Best feeling in the world, Your computer running fast & You learning to really use it.Learn to use your computer to tap into knowledge, activities & communications.It’s free to ask Computer Questions on ph.Enhance your life, make friends, more money using Contact Managers, Network, Social Media, Edit Video, Music & Research.Websites, Blogs, SEO & Cloud Computing.Set up Wireless & Traditional Networking.Inkjet & Laser Printers set up & repair.Open & blow dust out of computer, avoid problems. Dust is insulating, creates circuit failure,  makes computer run hot and slow.
Back Up Hard Drive, Don’t wait or put it off, must be done now! It’s not if it will “Crash” but when it will crash! Find out The best ways, before you lose all Docs, Pics, Videos & Music.

2 Monitors- will allow you to display twice as much. Internet multi-task, Edit/Create Docs, Pics, Videos & Music. Get more done. Use Two monitors & you’ll never go back to One.


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